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Why should I contact WORCON Consulting Engineers?


Quality and detailed design documentations are critical for any project. A complete and well thought out set of drawings eliminates "high-bidding" and helps facilitate a superiorly constructed building. WORCON creates a through set of documents that are easy to understand and easy to follow. Our quality documentation helps eliminate construction problems and save the project time and cost.

    OK, so what kind of structure does WORCON design?

WORCON Consulting Engineers have undertaken a large variety of residential and commercial structure projects for both government and private sectors.

Our focus is on designing general structures up to five storey high building which includes new house and existing house extension, dual occupancy, unit development and commercial & industrial premises, such as aged care, childcare facilities, school, church, shed and factory design.

    OK, so do you comply with Australian Standard?
    All our designs comply with Australian Standard.
    OK, so how long dose it takes to complete design?


It depends on the amount of work which we are going to do. However normally within two to three weeks for residential buildings, and four to five weeks to complete design for commercial buildings.


OK, so how can I get final drawings?


After completing the structural drawings, we provide three set of drawings with structural certification (Form 15), then deliver by e-mail or mail services which client can choose one of convenient option.


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